REALTORS: Why You Should Let the Neighbors Know When You List a Home for Sale

September 12, 2017


So, you’ve listed a home.


The neighbors are curious.


But do you realize that the surrounding neighbors could not only be your “eyes and ears,” but also help you sell the home? 


A top real estate agent suggests that you meet the neighbors. 


Here’s what she does—

  • Introduces herself and provides them with several flyers. Interior pictures of the home. The sales price.

  • She gives them her business card and contact information.

  • She asks them if they have any friends or relatives who might like to move into the neighborhood.

  • If the house is vacant, she asks them to report any problems—like maybe the lights get left on or a window is broken.

Here’s the thing. 


Usually, when a home is listed and sold, and based on the selling price, there tend to be other homes in the neighborhood that go up for sale. Why not be the real estate agent they know (because you have introduced yourself) to list their home?


Additionally, potential buyers sometimes talk to the neighbors to ask about the area, the activities, the schools. 


Being pro-active and sharing this information will help you sell the home quicker.


Question: Do you meet the neighbors when you list a home? 

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