Thank You For Your Business!

For every online review you write, you'll be entered into a monthly drawing for a Visa Gift Card!

I hope I have provided you with a true 5-Star Experience on your recent loan transaction. Your feedback is invaluable to me, so thank you for taking some time to help make me even better at what I do.  


As you may know, online reviews and testimonials are incredibly important in today's connected society. 85-90% of my business comes strictly from referrals, and many times people check online first.


So, here's the deal:  For every online review that you submit at the various online sites, you'll be entered into a monthly drawing for a free Visa Gift Card! You can get up to 7 entries by doing them all.


Thank you for taking some time to help me and our team out by giving us your feedback.


The details:  With so many outlets for people to leave reviews, I decided I'd compile them all in one spot along with some instructions on how to complete them if you get stuck.


Scroll down through this page, or click on each of the links below and it will walk you through the steps for each site.

 Facebook  |  Google  Yelp  |  Zillow  |  Better Business Bureau  |  LinkedIn

Earn up to 2 entries here!

Steps to Submit a Review: 


Log in to Facebook. (Be sure to "Like" my page while you're there)


#1 - Go to


#2 - Go to 





Google Reviews work best if you're logged into your Google account first.

Steps to Submit a Review:


From a Desktop / Laptop Computer -


From a Mobile Device -

  1. Scroll down to "See photos, and more..."

  2. Click the small blue arrow in the middle of the screen

  3. Scroll down and leave your review


My business is largely built on the kind support I receive from current and past customers. I’ve recently signed an agreement with Zillow to be featured as a “Premier Lender”. My “profile page” on Zillow allows for customer references and I would be very grateful if you’d take a few minutes to post a 5-star review for me by following the steps below.

Thanks a million!


Steps to Submit a Review:


Step 1 - Click on the following link which will prompt you to write the review:


Step 2 - You will either need to create a new account, or sign in with your existing information.

Step 3 - Once you're signed in, it should take you to to the review page. Here is where you'll need to post your review. You will also need basic information like when we worked together, and if we completed the loan, or if it's currently in process. Some information is optional, so don't worry too much with that. If you really want the details, just reach out to us and we can provide the details of your loan program (rate, loan type, etc.) We hope you can select 'Extremely Likely" in the first question too!  If not, please reach out and let us know what we could've done to improve!  

Step 4 - After you submit the review, a confirmation page will load. The review won't be LIVE immediately.  Once the review has been verified by Zillow it will post to my Zillow profile, typically within 72 business hours. THANKS AGAIN!


Steps to Submit a Review:


If you already have a Yelp account, log in first.  If not, this one will require you to set up one.


Click here -



  1. Look for the "Write A Review" button if on a desktop


  2. If you're on a mobile device, look for the "Tap a star..." icon


Steps to Submit a Review:


Click here:


Scroll down or look on the right hand side of the page and click on the box to Submit a Review


Steps to Submit a Review:


Log into your LinkedIn Account


Step 1 - Go to


Step 2 - Send me a request for a connection


Step 3 - Once you receive confirmation that I've accepted the connection request, go to


Step 4 - If that doesn't work, click the "More" button and click "Recommend".  Then follow the steps to leave the recommendation.


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