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If you're thinking of buying a home or making another major financial purchase, this easy-to-read book will give you a simple, 5 step plan to help you get "Credit Ready"...

and it's my GIFT to you!

Everyone knows that, when you borrow money, being declined or approved is determined partly by your credit score, and that your scores also dictate how much it costs you to borrow that money. Mortgage, auto loan, and credit card interest rates are all a direct result of your creditworthiness. Having bad credit means higher rates, and that you may end up paying a lot more to own the things you need to buy using your credit.

Many consumers have also learned that your scores with Equifax™, Experian™, and TransUnion™ also impact how much you pay for other things too! Security deposits for phones, utilities, internet, cable TV, and apartments are just a few of the things that can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars if your credit scores aren't high enough. Bad credit can even cost you your job!


CREDIT READY In 5 Simple Steps is designed to help you navigate the complicated and confusing world of your own credit report, and give you the tips, tools, and techniques necessary to make sure you're absolutely CREDIT READY, and put you in the best shape possible to take advantage of today's historically low interest rates! Best of all, it can be done in just 5 very simple steps!

Credit Ready in 5 Simple Stes
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